RS Hosting Coming into the Fold

The Move is Official – RS Hosting & Parallel WP are Integrated!

Parallel Blog – May 2018 – Week 4: We have come along way over the past three years here at RS Hosting & Designs. With the launch of our Membership Network January and now being fully set-up, we thought it time to bring our website into the same fold our clients have come to love.

This is just the first step toward expanding the services we offer our clients, as we have much more in store in 2018 that will allow you to expand your business, while giving you peace-of-mind. As always, “It’s Your Vision, We’re  Just Here To Help!”

You might be asking yourselves, “Why’d we make the switch?”

That’s an easy one to answer – We value the service(s) we provide for our clients, so much, that we use them ourselves! We cannot see “selling” our clients on a design or service that we didn’t feel comfortable using ourselves.  We believe this is one of the many points that set us apart for our local competitors; and, if you are reading this post, and are one of our “local competitors,” please don’t take this statement the wrong way.

It’s just that here at RS Hosting & Designs, we spend a considerable amount of our time “fixing” the mistakes of others. From clients being setup on the wrong type of hosting, to them receiving poor design quality for an already over-priced statement. We do a-lot of maintenance work that shouldn’t be present on a new website.

 Our Mission & Core Values have always been to provide the best service possible to our clients, all within a budget that is easy for them to afford. If, after readying this post, you are tired of the same ol’ hosting service and want to make a change that will help your business succeed. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your options.


After-all, “It’s Your Vision, We’re Just Here To Help!”


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